Istwing stepped into the industry in 2012 to provide virtual office and office space/meeting room services to its customers. Since 2021, it continues to make them happy and meet the needs of our customers with great pleasure.

Istwing has also started to serve in a new area to help its customers. As of 2020, it has provided consultancy services to its customers in the preparation  KKDIK (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, Restriction of Chemicals) and SDS (Safety Data Sheet), which is a new issue that has recently affected the entire chemical industry. 


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Within the scope of KKDIK (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation, which entered into force on 23/12/2017, all chemical substances will be registered until 31/12/2023 in order to protect both human health and the environment from the negative effects of chemicals.

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